Worksite Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Practices

Beginning in 1999, as part of a NIOSH-sponsored supplement on occupational health, the NAWS expanded its questions on worksite sanitation and added questions on personal hygiene practices. All supplement questions were asked in 1999-2000; smaller sets of questions were asked in subsequent years. Almost all agricultural workers reported that their current farm employer made drinking water, toilets, and water for washing hands available on a daily basis. Of the small percentage of agricultural workers who reported not using the employer-provided toilets on a daily basis (3% in 1999-2000), eight in ten indicated that the bathroom was 'too far away' to use. In 2001-2002, almost a third (30%) of agricultural workers reported having had to go to the bathroom in the field or open air.

TOILET — Employer provides toilet paper daily

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Bar Chart — Employer provides toilet paper daily

Data Table — Employer provides toilet paper daily3

Category 99-00 01-02
# % # %
Yes, but insufficient amount952%993%

1 Question was last asked in 2008.

2 Question was asked in 1999 and 2000 only. A dash (“-“) indicates that the question was not asked during the corresponding time period.

3 Question was asked in 1999 through 2001; the 01-02 column contains data for 2001 only.

a Estimates with relative standard errors (RSEs) greater than 30 percent but no more than 50 percent are published but should be used with caution.

b Estimates based on fewer than four responses or with RSEs greater than 50 percent are considered statistically unreliable and are suppressed.