Gastrointestinal Problems

As part of a NIOSH-sponsored supplement on occupational health, information on gastrointestinal problems was collected in the NAWS for three years, from 1999-2001. In fiscal year 2001, five percent of agricultural workers reported having had diarrhea for more than three consecutive days sometime in the previous 12 months. Among those who reported having had diarrhea for more than three consecutive days, nearly three-fourths (74%) said in 2001 that they continued to do farm work while they had diarrhea.
Table 15
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Gastrointestinal problems

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Bar Chart — Gastrointestinal problems

Data Table — Gastrointestinal problems

Category 99-00 01-02
# % # %
Had diarrhea for more than three consecutive days11973%1665%
Went to doctor or medical clinic22114%--
Continued to do farm work with diarrhea115384%12374%

1 Question was asked in 1999 through 2001; the 01-02 column contains data for 2001 only.

2 Question was asked in 1999 and 2000. A dash (“-“) indicates that the question was not asked during the corresponding time period.

a Estimates with relative standard errors (RSEs) greater than 30 percent but no more than 50 percent are published but should be used with caution.

b Estimates based on fewer than four responses or with RSEs greater than 50 percent are considered statistically unreliable and are suppressed.